Jul 20, 2013


South Africa 2 - Fishoek

Paulus came home from work and found that Donnie had hung himself. Donnie had been sexually assaulted by boys at his school, and had returned home, incapable of handling what had just happened to him, and decided to end it.

Paulus was a paramedic at the time, and reckoned that Donnie had been dead for at least 20 minutes.  He cut him down, called for an ambulance, and began CPR.  Believing in his heart that his son was dead, Paulus could not bring himself to stop CPR, and in his own words "received the shock of my life when the dead breathed."  Donnie came back from the dead.

Today the loving family open their home to visiting ministers, guests, etc. who minister in Fishoek Baptist Church, and it was such a blessing to be at the receiving end of their hospitality.  Bernice should open a restaurant the food was so awesome, and Paulus could not give me enough hot chocolate, coffee, cake, etc., whilest sitting me in front of his warm fire, and blessing me with his company.

Donnie is unfortunately impaired from the lack of oxygen to his brain for so long, but dutifully helps his father around the house, and in the garden.  He welcomed me quietly, and took my suitcases from me with strong arms.  He gets up early every day to read his bible, and on Sundays always puts on a jacket to go to church.  Solid and faithful, he was a true blessing.

All of us have a story.  All of us who are in Christ are a resurrection underway, as the Lord changes us from Glory to Glory, and renews our minds, soul, and spirit.  It was a blessing to intersect these precious lives, and be blessed by them, especially when I thought I had come so far to bring a blessing.

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