Jul 15, 2013

A Sure Foundation

Serbia 3 -  Chantvir

As you may have read from earlier blogs, our sound equipment and drum set didn't make it across the Serbian border due to not having the correct paper work.

This concert was performed in the back courtyard of a country Baptist church.  A very friendly and kind group of people.  Here is a commentary on what life is like for our professional drummer, Dave, while on tour with us, and especially this particular evening!

"The risk you take as a drummer is you never know what your gonna get!  Because its such a physical instrument each drummer is comfortable with his own set knowing it inside and out. I have learned in my  40 years of experience to make the best of what you get.   Also, the physical comfort behind the set determines your performance.  When the truck with drum set couldn't get over the boarder it required getting different drums.  Miraculously the replacement given in Serbia turned out to be more comfortable and well tuned than the one we got in Hungary.  It was so well tuned I didn't have to adjust it in any way!  In my 40 years of playing drums that has never happened where I could just sit and play without tuning it!  Someone in the countryside of Serbia is a very professional drummer!  Either that, or The Lord sent an angel drummer to pre-tune it!

After acquiring the drum set, our last performance was on the grass! An absolute nightmare for a drummer in order to maintain balance, as you need a firm foundation much the same as one needs for living life!  Without a firm and solid foundation you are constantly shifting and making up for it on un-level ground, and you can't them play correctly  The same is true for a Christian walk, and the parallel with drums providing a solid rhythm is just so applicable here.  And of course if you don't play right, it messes up all the other musicians, just like a foundation-less life will mess up others around you.

The fix for that was putting two dinner tables with the legs folded under!  It was further stabilized with bricks securing the bass drum in place so it wouldn't slide forward while being played.  This wonderful drum set didn't come with a throne (seat).  By the grace of God the church had an adjustable stool ( unpadded) which had to be adjusted by the Pastor with a few blows to it by using a garden hoe!"  

Needless to say, the concert went off really well despite all the 'adjustments'!  We have been invited back, and God willing, will return to minister more in Serbia next summer!

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  1. Probably God sent his angel drummer. Great story. I love it!!