Jul 6, 2013

A Great Cloud of Witnesses

Serbia 2 - Szabadka

We arrived in Szabadka, a beautiful Hungarian City now located in the northern part of Serbia, awarded to that country after the treaty of Versailles.  We were shown into a 19th Century style theater, and marveled at the architecture, decor, and style - what a wonderful place to play a concert!

As the time got closer to the start, it became apparent that not too many people would show up.  We discovered that the concert was hardly publicized at all, and by start time, only seven people had come.  Fighting the temptation to be very disappointed, we pressed forward into the event, trusting God that whoever was supposed to be there was there for His purposes and His glory.

The Concert itself actually went off without a hitch, and the seven who came were very appreciative that we had not held back - and it was true - we sincerely tried to give them everything we would have if there had been 700 in attendance.  But it had been tough, fighting off the urge to "think" about all the effort, set-up, equipment, time, etc. - and for only seven.

But then we started to get more information.  Our Serbian Pastor-Host, Zoltan, encouraged us about Jesus leaving the 99, and putting in an all-out rescue effort into saving the 1.  The entire evening The Lord had been impressing this story upon him.

And then my daughter Sharayah had something to share…

Somewhere during the course of the concert, and after one of the songs that had a beautiful worship dance in it, she had a vision-like experience, that Jesus Himself was on the stage with us, and He was dancing, and clapping, and jumping up and down - so pleased with His children, who were totally given over to His worship...

…and she heard applause - a lot of applause - not the kind that comes from seven people scattered throughout a hall that seats at least 300.  No, this was the sound of thousands.  She literally turned around looking, and then stood there on the stage in front of the vacuous space, captured by that sound, and wondered, "Am I imagining this, or is this real?  Is there something wrong with my monitor mix, or God, are you trying to tell me something?!"

She got her answer later that evening when The Lord led her to Hebrews 12:1.  What she heard on the stage that night was the raucous encouragement that comes from a crowd in the stands of a great stadium cheering on the racers who are running with endurance the race that is set before them, fixing their eyes on Jesus, who is the author and the perfecter of their faith.

Friends, there is always an audience...


  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2013

    And if we are trying, the audience is always applauding. Thank You, Lord!

  2. AnonymousJuly 06, 2013

    What a blessing to be bless in that special way, and to you all bless your hearts for been faithful to His call and work. Hebrews:10:23

  3. AnonymousJuly 08, 2013

    That is awesome! What a glorious testimony of the cloud of witnesses cheering us on! Thanks for posting. So proud of you all worshiping with all your strength.

  4. We are so conditioned to try to measure "outcomes" for everything we do. Sometimes it's as if God has to sit us down in front of Himself like little children, look us in the eye, and very carefully and slowly explain to us that it's all about worship and obedience to Him, not how many people are hearing us, or the effects that we can see. Now, He explains, we're not to be blind to measurements and strategies that we can understand, but we hold them up to God with an open hand for Him to do with as He pleases.

    So, like little children, we sit there, and we wiggle and squirm just a bit, but we sloooooly begin to understand.