Jul 26, 2013

Hakuna Matata

I don't know about you, but I like Pumba's character in the Lion King.  Funny, affable, just an all around great guy.  "Hakuna Matata - such a wonderful phrase..."

Well, after a very hectic few days of ministry, my South African Pastor friend, Danilo, was asked by my manager, Helena, to give me a "day off" with "no worries"!  Danilo is from Kimberley, South Africa, and his wife Suzette, and awesome family Simonae and Dianlo, basically lavished on me a "death by hospitality" experience.  This included Danilo's version of a "no worries day off" - visiting a very cool farm with large, predatory cats, and then off to shoot a Wart Hog.  Wow.

I thoroughly enjoyed the large Cats, especially the Cheetah and Caracul.  They are amazing creatures!
And FYI, I didn't shoot the Wart Hog - Danilo did, and he field-dressed it on the spot, and gave the meat to some of his African work-mates.   

By the way, the Wart Hog no longer has any worries.

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