Jul 19, 2013

"I'm in Missions because of you!"

South Africa 1 - Pretoria

And now to one of the most awesome countries on earth, South Africa!  I have had the privilege of being here 20 times, and am so blessed to be here again.

The main reason from coming was an OM Senior Leadership conference, hosted by a number of OM Leaders in South Africa, including Reinhold Titus from Namibia.  It was such a blessing to be with him, and that got even more special when he told me that one of my songs had a big part in him getting into Mission.

That song, Haunting Eyes - was my first ever missions song.  I wrote it in Mexico back in the 1980s, and recorded it the first time on an old cassette called "Living in the DMZ".  More recently is has appeared on "Seasons & Souvenirs", and my Missions Compilation CD, "Send Me".  Reinhold told me that it was while listening to that song, that he made the final commitment to the Lord to commit his life to world mission.

At the end of the conference, I met Dodo from Switzerland - who proceeded to introduce herself to my by saying, "I'm in missions because of you!"  I had done a bit of ministry at a Christian Arts School on the Boden Sea a few years ago, and remembered wondering if it had made any impact.  Well, watching Dodo lead around 40 students from the OM South Africa Training Program in an awesome musical showcase left me with no doubt - this young woman was "bringing it" in a big way here in South Africa!  And I literally just got this from her in an email - SUCH a blessing!

"Hi Bill,

T'was really cool to meet you! wow… that is already a week ago!
hope you enjoyed the long african style Graduation ;-)
Keep up your amazing ministry, cus that is what God used to call me into missions :)  Thanks again for that!

blessings, Dodo" 

I then flew down to Capetown to start the tour, marveling at how in just a few short days I had been so blessed to see fruit from sowing ministry in years past - that a young Namibian and a young Swiss are now in Mission and making a huge impact because of obedience in the past.  I'm grateful that God allowed me to experience that, remembering that the smallest of deeds is of infinite more value than the greatest of intentions.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 20, 2013

    Thrilled that you are seeing some of the seeds you've sown taking root and growing into a harvest for the kingdom! Keep up God's good work!