Jun 5, 2010

The Divine Embrace

Reading through some of my wife's notes the other day on a book she was reading about the cross, I began to get that "blessed agitation" that comes from a song idea being born.  The ideas she was reading were about Jesus' substitutionary death for us, and the specific ways in which His blood was shed - blood from His sweat, the back, the brow, the hands, the feet, the side - and the devotional thoughts and personal applications that came from that - He has me covered, head to toe!   And everything in between - thoughts, works, travels, emotions, etc. etc.  Wow.

And then the song began to be born.  But it wasn't until the middle of the tour in Germany that it really played out.  Here are the lyrics - 23rd draft!  It is still a work in progress, but I wanted to share it with you: