Aug 6, 2013

R & R

South Africa 7 - Copper Leaf Spa, Bloemfontein

OK, OK, those of you who know me well, know that when it comes to things like "Spa", I am not a frequenter of such places, nor one who is well versed on the world of things related to them!  I hate to admit it, but I don't know how to "relax" real well!

In defense of myself (NOT a good place to start, I know!), I love what I get to do - serve Christ in the capacity of the giftings He has poured into my life, which includes the experiences He has allowed, and the places He leads.  That I am radically addicted to the Kingdom of God is not in doubt!

What may be in doubt (!) is if I have a thorough understanding of the word 'Sabbath'.  Or a well developed understanding of the fuller biblical understanding of the word:  Rest.

Which is why God has put some very special people in my path from time to time.  One of those is my manager in South Africa, Helena.  We have been partnered together now for 20 years, and the ministry has taken us to almost every corner of South Africa, and into Namibia as well.  Tens of thousands of people have heard the Gospel, as well as the exhortation to repent, get involved in world mission, and forgive to get freedom.  It has literally been one of the highlights of my entire ministry life.  South Africans are very special people, and I cannot say enough about doing ministry there.

On this last tour to South Africa, amidst a very busy schedule, and coming off a 16 day tour in Hungary and Serbia, Helena had the idea, and I had the opportunity to be ministered to - in the form of a gift: to go to the Copper Leaf Spa in Bloemfontein.  It is run by Lynette, and even though it is a business, I can attest - it is a ministry as well.  The moment I walked in the place I was being blessed.  And the sensation of those hot rocks on my tired shoulder, arm, and back muscles was something I won't forget.
I left the place refreshed, and a slightly more renewed understanding of the Peace that passes understanding - that it is OK to be quiet, still, relax, and let someone else minister to you.  Thanks Lynette.  Thanks Helena.  And Thank you Jesus!

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