May 23, 2013

The Dance of a Lifetime

Aidlingen II - May 19th, 2013

Judith made her way to the big stage, not knowing if she would get the chance, but driven anyway by a desire she could no longer contain.  Certainly the dancer (who had lit up the stage as the Bill Drake Band brought Star of the Morning, had delicately and intimately flown on the wings of Psalm 91, and offered her life and talent on the altar during Totally Abandoned), would return to reclaim her ballet slippers.  So she picked them up where they had been offered, and waited.

Amy (our dancer on this tour) found Judith on the edge of the stage, gripping Amy's dancing slippers and with tears streaming down her face.  Could this be possible - to use one's talent totally for God, for His worship, for His purposes in the world, and to do it, not as a hobby, but for real, in all its glory?  

Yes, it is.

Judith found a dance partner that day, a partner in life and talent who maybe was just a few more miles down the road that the Director of Dancelink, Linda Wells, started to pave many years ago, dreaming that God might use her in the dance of a lifetime for His Kingdom's sake when she was still cleaning toilets for OM USA.  Linda had poured into Amy during an outreach in Italy a few summers ago, that involved dancing in a variety of different ministry situations, including spiritual warfare around a statue dedicated to Satan in the middle of the city of Turin.

Amy since has joined OM Lifehope, and has been given huge freedom and blessing there by her Field Leader to develop dance ministry for those interested and skilled, in extending God's Kingdom through the dance.  Amy is also the Arts Champion for OM Arts there at Lifehope.  Having invited her to tour with me in Germany, I discovered a gold-mine - Amy is so gifted in many ways, and God is using her to ignite things in the dance that others may not have though possible.  And Linda's vision is being accomplished, not just for the Judiths of the world who need validation and encouragement as a Dancer for the Lord, but for the many throughout the OM World that are now dancing for an audience of One, and demonstrating through their gifting and their bodies that He is worthy of offering it all… 

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