Jul 23, 2010


Seeing Rome for the first time in person was nothing short of a surreal experience.  Just laying eyes on the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, and walking where Pontiffs and Caesars walked and all that represented sent me into a conflicted spin that I am still pondering.  The beauty, the wealth, the idolatry, the artistry, the heritage - I chose to experience it as best I could, and consciously decided to weigh it all out later.  It's five days later, and I still am.

I was also well aware, that underneath the cobblestones, was another reality, memorials to Christian history, hidden beneath in the catacombs, a testimony to the price believers in Christ were willing to pay in an empire that was bound and determined to crush them, and a legacy of stalwart commitment to Christ regardless of cost to self.  What a noble heritage.

Below is a link to a video that is well-worth watching - a video on civil disobedience.  I have personally subscribed to the "Manhatten Project" because I not only have incredible respect for Chuck Colson, but because I agree whole-heartedly with what it says, and what these guys are trying to do.  The fact that here in America, we would set aside a national holiday to honor an African American Baptist-pastor/martyr who totally subscribed to Civil Disobedience is actually an encouragement to me, and this 6 minute video lays out very well what may be facing us in the future.  Have a look - it's quite compelling.  This kind of thing is in our heritage too, whether 40 years ago, or 2,000.

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