Jun 5, 2010

The Divine Embrace

Reading through some of my wife's notes the other day on a book she was reading about the cross, I began to get that "blessed agitation" that comes from a song idea being born.  The ideas she was reading were about Jesus' substitutionary death for us, and the specific ways in which His blood was shed - blood from His sweat, the back, the brow, the hands, the feet, the side - and the devotional thoughts and personal applications that came from that - He has me covered, head to toe!   And everything in between - thoughts, works, travels, emotions, etc. etc.  Wow.

And then the song began to be born.  But it wasn't until the middle of the tour in Germany that it really played out.  Here are the lyrics - 23rd draft!  It is still a work in progress, but I wanted to share it with you:

The Divine Embrace

Loving hands made for nails
Broken heart for a spear
Tender brow pierced by thorns of grace
Precious Pearl of great price
Innocent Lamb of sacrifice
You were crushed and despised in my place

At the cross where worlds collide
The Love of God was crucified
For the damned You the ransom were paid

And your back was cut to shreds
For a world sentenced to death
You were willing to bear my disgrace
And I mocked You and I spat
On glory's face I turned my back
And You chose to forgive just the same

At the cross where Sin was tried
The Light of God was sacrificed
For the life of the world You were slain
At the cross of shame and strife
The Heart of God was magnified
And the Hope of all the earth was displayed

Son of God, glorified
Be exalted in our lives
You have risen from the grave
Now You rule and now You reign!
Son of God, glorified
Be exalted in our lives
We've been healed by Your wounds
Lamb of God we worship You!

At the cross Death was denied
The wrath of God was satisfied
And I stand forgiven in His grace
At the cross of Jesus Christ
The curse of death was nullified
Purified in love's embrace, I am saved

Words and Music written by Bill Drake
(C) 2010 Old Dirt Road Music

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