Sep 24, 2014

Follow-up on Teri

​I don't know if Teri or I have ever experienced something quite like the avalanche of love, encouragement, and support​ like we have over the last few days - it brought us to tears, to our knees, and to an ever greater awe of our Great God Who knows all, and holds all in His hands.

Teri and I are home now, after a 17 hour day, much of which was spent at the hospital, in three different stages.  All went extremely well, and the doctors tell us that they think they got all the cancer.  They have taken 5 lymph nodes to biopsy, just to make sure they are clear.  We will know in a week.

Please pray for this if you have a moment, that not only the lymph nodes would be 100% clear, but that 100% of the cancer is gone.  Thank you.

As a result of this, of course we have been thrust into another people group, many of whom are facing a much worse prognosis.  I lost my mother to breast cancer when I was 15, and it has permanently marked my life.  We know that many of you who read this are facing enormous challenges of your own, and we would be privileged to pray for you, much the same way you have leaned in for us.

Please let me add this - I believe that my mother's death has not scarred me forever - like Joseph toward the end of his life, I can say with full confidence that whatever evil was allowed to touch my life, God has turned it around for good.  Just watching Teri navigate this with such beauty, such grace, and such faith has demonstrated to me once again the enduring and persevering power of the Holy Spirit in a life completely surrendered to God AND what He will allow, knowing that He will most certainly use it in His divine time and efficiency.  "For these momentary light afflictions are producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison".  

Thank you Lord.


  1. Bill & Teri,
    My husband and I are praying, standing, and believing for complete and 100% healing. God is good.

  2. Bill & Teri,
    My husband and I are praying, standing, and believing for complete 100 % healing. God is good!

  3. Wonderful news! Praying that they've caught it all, and that God will continue to use you both for his glory for many years to come. Thank you for sharing your journey with us - it's a privilege to stand with you at this time. With much life, as always, Jen xx

  4. Dearest friends, I thank God with all my heart for this good news so far.

    I will continue to pray for the outcome of the five lymph nodes, and that Teri will be 100% free from cancer.

    May the love of God surround you and bless you both at this uncertain time.

    With our love always

    Margaret & Colin Lodge xx

  5. Praise Your Name, Lord! Thank You for this hopeful report. I pray with others around the world that Teri will be completely cancer-free as a result of what the doctors have already done. I also pray that both she and Bill be able to shine Your light into this challenging, challenging trial. In Christ's name and for Your glory, amen.