Nov 13, 2013

Run Your Kingdom Through My Heart

Michael heard these words 15 years ago at a teen mission event:   "Lord run Your Kingdom through my heart, crucify self, set me apart…"  It pierced him, and he became determined to make a difference in his German High School.  He started a small bible study amongst his fellow students, and together they began to witness to their friends.  It totally changed the focus and purpose of his life.

Michael has stayed in the school environment in order to be a witness for Christ, but now as a trained teacher.  His focus is still to bring glory to God and serve His Kingdom in all that he does, no matter the challenge or obstacle.

When he heard there was a conference for the persecuted church in Schwabish Gmund, he had to go.  But in his own words, he was in for one of the "shocks of his life" when he saw Bill Drake at the grand piano on the stage.

Michael approached me after the first session with tears in his eyes.  
"I've always wanted to meet you, Bill, and want to thank you for having such an impact on my life through your deep lyrics."  Michael's  emotion came through clearly, and God reminded me once again that He is capable of using anything given to Him for His glory, including a song called "Move Through Me" that I wrote on an old battered, backstage piano just outside a large squatter camp near Port Elizabeth, South Africa:  

Lord run Your Kingdom through my heart
Crucify self, set me apart
So that the nations hear Your truth
Send this ambassador for You
Move Through Me


  1. Holy Ghost bump! God continues to amaze me at how he works things together. Love this!

  2. Wow what an amazing story!! Just a taste of what it will be like in heaven when hundreds of people come to greet you and tell you their stories of how you impacted them, Bill. :)

  3. Another song that serves == even, perhaps especially, when you aren't around, Bill. Blessings!