Mar 5, 2011

A Dream

Given all the current unrest and heartache in North Africa, I was so blessed to receive this testimony.  I have checked the veracity of this story, and it was confirmed from two different sources, both directly connected to the event.  Praise God for what He is doing in the midst of such struggle.  My encouragement to us all is to try to look beyond geo-political agendas, and media coverage when it comes to the inevitable spin that gets put on such events.  The reason is, that God's ways are not our ways.  He is doing far beyond what we could ask or think, and even in the middle of destruction, He bring beauty from the ashes.  Bless you as you read this blessing . . .

N.Africa:  "A young man was very dedicated to Islam.  His parents were very proud of him.  However this young man became very sick psychologically.  It happened very suddenly.  His desperate parents looked everywhere for help to heal him, even trying witchcraft. Nothing worked. One night the father dreamed that his son was in a pit full of snakes, all biting him.  In the dream he tried to pull his son out of the pit.  All in vain.  Suddenly, a man appeared, of tremendous beauty and glory wearing a white robe.  The man reached down into the pit and took his son by the hand to lift him out.  But the son was holding on to something in his other hand.  The shining man told him to release it.  It was a copy of the Qu'ran.  As soon as he released it, he was lifted out of the pit and the snake bites disappeared.  The father was so happy to see his son rescued and healed.  He woke up, fascinated by the dream and began to search for its meaning.  Some who follow Jesus heard about it and visited him, telling him who the man in white was.  On hearing this, the father gave his life to Christ.  They then prayed for the son, and he was healed.  The entire family now has begun to walk the path!"

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