Jan 15, 2011

Worship Is Breath In Another Form

Worship is another one of those critical threshold moments where Heaven and Earth intersect, and engage in the same holy activity in time and space, and in eternal presence.  Man I wish I could "live" as if that is true all the time, rather than grind through hours and days "killing" time vs. radically investing it. 
Worship is not a commodity.  Nor is it a style, or a program.  Worship is breath in another form. 
It is life-giving, and life sustaining.  It should be constant, and it is totally necessary.  It is found in obedience, and intimacy.  It can seem so hard to maintain, even though many times it comes in waves and we drown in it. 
We receive worship in the sense that without Jesus' worship, His sacrifice, and even His constant vigilance as our High Priest, we don't stand a chance.  We draw in His grace like a breath of sweet air and as a result, we live. 
We give worship in the sense that in whatever we do, wherever we go, whatever we say, and whatever we think, we demonstrate our allegiance, our hope, our love, and our faith, as being given to the Deity or some devil or some idol in between. 
I don't know if we will "breathe" in heaven, but I do know we will worship.  It's one of the few activities here on earth that we are guaranteed to continue there.  Let us worship therefore as we breathe, for in this is the oxygen for our souls.


  1. Last fall I attended a training on centering/meditative prayer. The lesson that has stayed with me most was:
    If God give us all things, then each breath is a gift of God. It is easy to remind yourself of this gift. When you breathe in, you are receiving assurance of the gift. When you breathe out, you are surrendering to the God who gave the gift.
    When I try to sink into the center during prayer time, I say "assurance" to myself as I breathe in; "surrender," as I breathe out. Very calming, and helpful as I try to shut out the world and focus on the Lord.
    Love that you posted on the same topic from a slightly different angle.

  2. You're right bill. Just like oxygen to the body - worship can be a vital breathe to make our soul and spirit live.