About Bill Drake

Abused and unwanted as a child and young teenager, Bill Drake knows what it is to feel hurt, rejected and without hope.  At the age of 19 he was playing piano in bars and nightclubs in his native America and was on the brink of ending what he describes as his “unlovely life.”  Then a group of young people decided to step out of their comfort zone and witness to Bill and others like him.  They challenged him not to take his life, but to lose it, to give it up to the God who loved him unconditionally and who could give his life the purpose it had never had.  Bill remembers walking home one night, feeling like he had a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other.  Which would he choose to use?

By the grace of God, he chose the latter.  God radically changed his life and began to use his musical gifting to challenge and encourage many others.  Several years later George Verwer, founder of the international mission organization Operation Mobilization (OM), heard Bill lead worship at Biola University in California and threw out a challenge: “How dare you play and sing songs like that if you are not willing to back it up with your lifestyle?”  Bill was stunned.  This total stranger had just seen right through all Bill’s pretence and hypocrisy.  George went on to challenge Bill to live the commitment he was singing about and join Operation Mobilization as International Music Minister.  After graduating from Biola, Bill did this, moving to England with his wife Teri and their two daughters, Shelby and Sharayah.

An ordained Baptist minister, skilled musician and gifted preacher and teacher, Bill Drake has seen the Lord powerfully touch his ministry, and has been privileged to travel to over 50 countries, gaining recognition in Australia, South Africa, the US and many countries in Europe.  Now based at OM’s USA headquarters in Atlanta, GA, his powerful music and uncompromising message continue to make the life-changing message of God’s love a reality to many internationally each year.

Many have recognized an anointing on Bill’s music similar to that on Keith Green’s, and thousands of lives have been touched and radically changed through this ministry. Bill has released a number of recordings, including his latest Aroma.

Bill has recently been appointed Director of OM Arts International, the creative arts ministry of Operation Mobilization, which facilitates artists of all kinds into missions, through short term trips, or long term placement.  

Using art and creativity, OM Arts in actively engaged in:

•    Articulating God’s Heart for the World
•    Resourcing the Church for Creative Communication
•    Training Christian Artists for Mission
•    Serving the Creative Arts around the World

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“Bill Drake is at heart a missionary.  His music has opened doors across the world to effectively communicate Christ to unbelievers, and real, gutsy discipleship to believers.
Passion, humility and reality are his hallmarks.”
Charles Price - Senior Pastor, The People’s Church, Toronto, Canada.

Contact Bill at 770-631-0432 or by email at bill.drake@om.org or
Operation Mobilization, 
PO Box 444, Tyrone, GA 30290, USA